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The act of ejaculating and bleeding from the same orifice simultaneously. Caused by excessive masturbation or sex within the period of a few hours (six times average). More common in men. Caused by a combination of extreme pleasure and blood vessel damage.
Ricky's seventh hooker for that evening approached him, but before she could unzip his pants, they were soiled with his three-pound bloodgasm.
by Emcee January 27, 2005
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a psychedelic technicolor orgasm acheived by a woman during her menstrual period
When Julie and I first had sex during her period, she had an explosive bloodgasm and I had to change my sheets.
by Julian Q. Vanderbilt, III November 16, 2005
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After intense masturbation (9-10 Times) you cum Blood instead of Semen.
Dude last time I was so horny I beat it off till I Blood-Gasmed!
by Zerosympathy September 07, 2008
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a blood-gasm....When You cum soo much that eventually your insides cant handle the intensity and the next time you're trying to shoot your love juice on your victims face she ( or he) gets a bloody suprise of old mucussy jizz all over.
The last time i was fucking my girlfriend anal i pulled out and had a blood-gasm.
by stoned sex robot November 06, 2007
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