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When blog related activity consumes ones life to the irritation of those around them. Whether it is posting on their own blog, reading and talking about someone else's blog, or getting all worked up and arguing over blogs.
JD - Did you read Dylan's blog today? That guy sure has gotten a little out of control. Now he even has some new stupid-ass nickname for himself.

Ben - What a jackass, that guy is so into blogsturbation I can't even talk to him anymore.
by pokdoc April 15, 2009
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1. Featuring someone or something to a ridiculous extent on a blog with no sense of objectivity or self awareness.

2. Verbal masturbation on a blog
Blogsturbation: Perez Hilton can't stop blogsturbating to Lady Gaga.

Blogsturbation: Anything John Mayer writes in blog form.
by dirty microphone January 28, 2010
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