A blog where the author paraphrases or copies from the original article/webpage in an attempt to increase his or her own traffic. This becomes a waste of the reader's time forcing them to click through the blog to get to the actual article. Often submitted to sites like Digg or Reddit.
"This is blogspam. Here's the link to the original story..."
by Mitchumm May 7, 2007
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Noun- A blog/site that is loaded with so much foreign material, it refuses to function properly. Some examples of blogspam are 'dollz', pixelated animations from other sites, javascript that says 'Hey wut^ commaent mai site plz thx', around 5-10 'joke' links that send you to a Keep Clicking site, chain letters, quizzes, and music videos.
Man, I went to Kelly's site and she had so much blogspam that my browser crashed.
by xxYuli March 1, 2006
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