The phonetic spelling of the sound of disgust or being fed up.
"blergh MORE coursework"
by Arsenic_man March 30, 2004
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a combination of the words: blah, argh, and ugh
can mean a variety of things including bored, dissatisfied, unhappy, angry...etc...
Internet Conversation:
Person 1: Hey, What's up?
Person 2: Nothing much... Todays a really really boring day!
Person 1: BLERGH
Person 2: Yup. I think that sums it it all up.
by Harryismyhomedog August 26, 2008
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The sound of many negative emotions in one word.
"Damn I feel blergh."

"Oh drat! That's dog crud! Blergh!"

by tamzinrose July 4, 2005
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The act of not doing shit for an extended period of time so as to forget the days woes, or relaxing whilst shutting off all higher brain functions.
Dude, work sucked. Imma go blergh for a bit
by Boschwalt March 8, 2015
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A descriptive word for feeling down, bored, and gross inside.
Blergh. This day really sucked.
by stressydepressy July 19, 2019
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A word said when you dont know what to say, dont care of the topic, have no idea what theyre talking about, or when the convo has died and you don't feel like finding something interesting.
by I dont care... June 15, 2015
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The act of face planting your pillows and snuggling up with your blankets and never leaving bed
I am so depressed, my week is going to consist of blerghing and Watching netflix
by baybeecaykes0115 March 24, 2015
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