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Sexiest girl alive, that any guy will fall in love with. Also very nice and smart, pretty and with a wonderful hearth. Sensible and kind, can be also known as nymphomaniac: never get tired of sex. Perfect woman to marry and the dream of any man.
Guy 1: WOW did you see that girl over there? I wish I could marry her, she is so amazing!
Guy 2: I know, her name is Blenda.
by motherfuckaa December 19, 2011
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A part weed, part tobacco blunt rolled in a black n mild. take all the tobacco from the black out to the tip, then carefully fill it with weed n black, alternating them. pack it down n fill it, light it, n enjoy.
yo kid, go pack a blenda. we bouta get cheefffy tonight son.
by murdamase--cjizzle July 27, 2009
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Ken More fell in love with a Japanese food processor called Blenda.
by Edwin W October 21, 2016
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