When you receive anal hemorrhaging resulting in a collapsed anal cavity denoted as a Bledsoe.
Wow that sex was amazing last my anus was so Bledsoe.
by Bentley BledBoy February 24, 2020
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A teenage boy turning into a man. a man who broke my heart. always walking around like he's the shit thinking he runs everything and everyone. of course that was cool when he was going out with me. he would always hold my hand always have a hand on me...somewhere.he has the sexiest walk you could imagion. but then when he's done with you he goes out with one of your close friends and they always fall for him. for some reason the hand of a boy on you is just the greatest feeling in the world to a teenager girl. it makes you feel wanted loved needed. im guilty as oj.
"The other day, at Regan's party, Hunter Bledsoe grapped my ass and Kayla and him have been going out sense friday night. He is such and ass." said Ashlee. "Yeah i know he is such a player. huughh! it makes me sick. I would never go out with him!!!!! Or kiss him he made out trashy Courtney one time!!!"
by Kayla Doyle January 19, 2009
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When you go on mat leave or LTD, and are replaced by a younger, more competent person, and let go upon (or before) your return.
HR: I’m sorry, Ms. Washington, we have to terminate your employment for WCB reasons.

MS. Washington: You can't White Collar Bledsoe me, I have people skills and make muffins for birthdays!
by Mike109999 September 9, 2022
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Yo dude you wanna gets some Brew Bledsoes for tonight?
by devildog19 April 6, 2011
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