ukr. ble’dina — a noun that is used by Ukrainians to identify a russian missile. Was specifically used during air rides to warn civilians about the flying missiles across the country. Roughly can be translated into “deadly ugly fucking bitch”

First was used as a term to describe air raids in Kharkiv group on Telegram “Huyeviy Kharkov” although spelled in russian as blyadina because it is a russian speaking group (Kharkiv is mostly russian speaking city, although many people are trying to forget it there now).
Літає блядина, сидіть в укриттях.

Bledina is flying, sit in bomb shelters.
by ukranianwomanofkharkiv May 6, 2022
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Sexiest albanian girl alive, that any guy will fall in love with. Also very nice and smart, pretty and with a wonderful heart. Sensible and kind, can be also known as nymphomaniac: never get tired of sex. Perfect woman to marry and the dream of any man.Be careful of the bunda it might trick you!
Guy 1: WOW did you see that girl over there? !
wish I could marry her, she is so amazing!
Guy 2: I know, her name is Bledina!
by hahahawlla November 21, 2021
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Bledina is sexy, charmin and very gentle. She is the proper definition of a lady, a true Miss. As a person she has a high attitude, but, with a very modest tone of humor. She is a caring person and can be such a great wife or partner. If you are thinking who to invite for a date, stop thinking, call or text Bledina. She will make your date unique.
I would like to meet Bledina in Spain
by Notmeasalways78 November 22, 2021
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Bledina! No usual girl as her name is unique. She‘s the one and only. A Beautiful woman with a big wise mindset and a Big Heart as big as her Booty. She knows what she wants. She only likes older guys.
Bledina - im so glad to meet a woman like you. I love Bledina
by Therealempath November 22, 2021
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Bledina is a very beautiful name, which is equivalent to the definition of words like: charming, cute, pretty etc. Bledina is a very nice person, passionate and a very warm type of woman. She is a great lover and cares about you. Sometimes she seems not in the mood, but, she always is caring about you. Bledina is a person who you can find a whole treasure in it, once you know her, keep and protect her.

She is the meaning of life itself !
Bledina, Deena is like a tulip glowing in the morning !
by Notmeasalways78 November 22, 2021
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