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Being uninterested due to the matter being overexposed.(unconcerned)
I felt blasé to the fact that I had to clean my room.
by Denis Kabistan September 01, 2005
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Not giving a fuck, not caring, uninterested, does not care, boring beyond belief
Example:that bitch had no ass so I was blasé as fuck.
Example2: Janessa was blasé as hell in spite of the fact that Matt was so good to her.
by ncpg916 September 20, 2016
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A type of dance preformed in the culture of Jamaica. (ish a half jamaican) Created by the "Energy God" elephant man. For more information search for is CD "Good 2 Go."
"We bran reel we no wear ray-ray,
We have a new dance we name blaså Blazay, Blaziblay,
We have a new dance weh name blazay
Rock away, rock away, rock away when yu see yu enemy
Propeller propeller who nuh like wi go suck unu mama
Hand cart hand cart mek way when di dancer dem a pass
Shake dem off shake dem off
Shake dem off dem a work witchcraft
Elbow dem elbow dem dem nuh like yu and yu nuh like dem
We head gawn we head gawn dem dance yah mad from dem born." - Elephant Man
by Kriztal Mef January 23, 2005
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thee most amazing boy a girl can meet
boys who have this name are generally: amazing, super funny, charming x100000, ahhhhhhhmazingly good looking;) perfect smile.
so loveable:)
like a cupcake:)
random girl: "OMG, who is that gorgeous guy?"
other girl: "You don't know?! It's Blase, the best guy on earth!"
by his_cupcake:) January 29, 2011
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Taking a;
B - BONG (hoot) & hold it in while you
L - (do a)LINE of coke

A - take a sip or ALCOHOLIC

S - SHOT or SMOKE(a puff of a cigarette)
É - Exhale
by YaboydarealG August 12, 2017
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