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1. Comic book onomatapeia illustrating the sound of a blow or punch, or two items such as slamming together, such as a train colliding into a wall. Much like "pow!"

2. Generic exclamation that can subsitute for almost any four letter word.

3. Acronym which can be used as an empty vessel to fill in various meanings. The most common is "Buzzin' Like a Mother Fucker", commonly spoken by marijuana users, but also has been used to mean, for example, "Big Legged Amazons Make Friends" or any of myriad other meanings which are convenient at the time they are used. This has led to the existence of the "BLAMF game", in which contestants compete to outdo each other in coming up with meanings for "BLAMF".

4. Name of a band located in Bloomington, Indiana.
1. BLAMF! Oof!

2. BLAMF off!

3. Are you BLAMF yet?
by Guitarface February 15, 2007
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Acryonm for "bow legged Arkansas mother fucker"

A person who walks around everywhere in cowboy boots with their knees bent outward despite never having actually ridden a horse before.
All these god damn blamfs spitting dip everywhere.
by RHYNOSAURUSREX May 25, 2018
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