An awesome skater kid that rocks the plaid. A blaine gives big amazing hugs and can talk about anything. He smells good all the time and flims amazing stuff. A blaine dreams of going to a special high school far away but really in the end he will know that Erie is the best school ever. A blaine is always really chill and he doesnt give a shit about Chinese clas. A Blanie is the coolest kid in the graduating class of 2015 and snowboards like a beast.
did you talk to blaine today?
yeah he gave me an amazing hug too.
by ktronafer October 23, 2011
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A black guy with a nice body.
Hey, that black guy is ripped, So in shorter words. That black guy is so Blaine.
by Itty Bitty Britty December 13, 2010
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A hot read headed bitch. Who totally takes my breath away! He is the sweetest man to his girlfriend.He is the missing half of tiffany's meteor! ! Oh and he is oh so amazing in bed!
Have you met your Blaine yet?
by urMOMisAukele! February 04, 2010
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A particularily horny boy. Who always manages to make anything sound dirty.
Must have his twice daily wank otherwise gets ridiculously horny and cranky.
Beware of shouts of suprise sex.... means he is going to rape you.
most often heard phrase is "i want hugs!"
"That is such a blaine thing to say"
by nellynips August 31, 2008
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(noun); (adjective) A guy who likes the men; Typically likes to cuddle.
Sorry, I only like Blaines..
by SaXopHonE PLAYA August 30, 2010
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A nerdy child whose soul purpose inlife is to be ridiculed.
Joe "I feel sad"
Fred "Go find Blaine"
Joe "thats a great idea"
by joaquindk January 01, 2009
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A totally awesome mexican bi-sexual adventurer boy who stars in the show "Kyle And Blaine". Co-writer of the theme song "The Adventures Of Kyle And Blaine." Seems to be 900% sexy and is obsessed with milkshakes, Mike 'N' Ikes, pasta and bagels. Blaine is rarely seen without his counterpart, Kyle. Blaine's famous catch phrases are "BOB SAGET!" and "FYI." Blaine always wears a pair of aviator sunglasses and pronounces "don't" as "dunt".
"Gee Blaine, what should we do today?"



"I'm making a milkshake just FYI."
by Kyle&Blainewerehere August 21, 2009
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