To go on a date with a girl, and then never see her again, even though you like her.
Guy no.1"Whatever happened to that chick you went out with?"

Guy no.2"I chucked a Blackie."
by KP-dawg March 8, 2009
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Is a totally awesome person!!

It is a family name but the Black's have a great reputation for awesomeness. The origninate from the South West of Australia in a town called Busselton.

They make excellent life partners and go off in the sack!!! If you find yourself a Blacky, keep them around.
Sasha: "Wow I just met a Blacky!"
Isabel: "OMG are you serious Blacky's are the coolest!!! Can I hang around you and Blacky?"
Sasha: "You owe me big time, a Blacky's pretty cool to be seen with."
by Samantha Black March 17, 2008
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Someone who is black in complexion, and people loves to call him BLACK.
BLACKIE what's going on here?

Blackie the king of babes
by Legendary 3k September 4, 2018
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When your trying to make you're blackout sound cool. But failing in the process.
I think i just had a blackie. Bro why you saying it like that
by The Neighborhood Socialworker November 29, 2020
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Lead singer of the band W.A.S.P. Known for his wild stage antics and derrogatory lyrics. Also has one of the most EROTIC voices on the face of the planet.
"I'll do whatever I want to, to ya. I'll nail your ass to the sheets. A pelvic thrust and the sweat starts to sting ya, I F*CK LIKE A BEAST!!" ~~Blackie Lawless, "Animal"
by Xx_thedarkenedheart_xX June 6, 2006
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