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South asian people basically, we forgotten about the most when it comes to races. People act like we shit and we are always mistaken for terrorists. but no one would have spices without brown people. if you see a brown man he probably indian, if you see an indian he a brownie. don’t talk shit on their culture otherwise they’ll talk shit on yours.
Man them brown people over there lookin sooo fine
by MothaFuckinG October 06, 2018
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No one is exactly sure who 'Brown People' are. It has been used inconsistently throughout history to describe everyone from Italians (in early US immigration history), Malaysians, Indigenous people in Canada, Australia, and the US, people of India, 'mixed' South Africans, and Hispanics.

Where I live it is really in vogue with South Asians/Desis who feel the need to racialize themselves.

This term is used more by some of these groups to describe themselves then it is used by others to describe them.
Did you see those brown people?
Uhmm, who are you talking about?
by RaceScholar November 15, 2010
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An another short slang for South Asians
Indians, Sri Lankans, Pakistani, Iranian/Persian, Bengali, West Indian, afghan, etc etc
my school is filler wid brown people!! gotta luv dem sexccc ppl ;)
by LankstaTDOT August 06, 2009
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A racial category that describes people from the Middle East, South Asia, Latin America, North Africa.
Who are brown people?
Basically anyone from south Asian or Middle East.
by KusUmukk December 31, 2020
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Basically the best race out there. People with awesome food, rich culture and breathtaking backgrounds. Mainly of South Asian decent, brown people are known for their spicy, yet delicious curry. Oh and how can we forget that head nod! Yes, whether we agree or not, we will nod our head in every situation!
Oye, these brown people are just awesome maaan! <with the accent + head nod>
via giphy
by Absurdism February 26, 2017
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