A spiritual journey that only people who are rich in melanin can experience. A love thats is unconditional. A love that can build an empire. Monogamous and genuine in intent, this love can not be stoped.
They have a big family that stay together because of black love. I want black love.
by Still We Rise April 27, 2017
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Love you is just a one time thing black love means you will love them for ever and can not be stopped you can never stop black love you will have ways have a strong bond.
i black love you bae

I black love you so much
by vevreberberbve September 22, 2019
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When a preppy girl falls in love with an emo boy.
Prep: "Ohhh! Emos are soooo hott! I just want to brush his hair out of his face and kiss him!! My pink loves black, opposites totally attract! AAAHHH!"
Emo: *Flips Hair* "Psshhaww."
Everybody else: "Kill me PLEASE"
by Yeah. Whatever. February 5, 2008
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