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Esp. Slang. Term used in Mexico to refer to:
1) Vagina
2) Girls
3) Cake

Syn. to Panocha
1) Ella tenia el bizcocho bien peludo
(She had a hairy pussy)
2) Vamos por unos bizcochos
(Lets go pick up some pussys)
3) Ese bizcocho estuvo delicioso
(that cake was delicious)
by Chito Cano February 25, 2005
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To a Mexican it is a demeaning way of saying dirty pussy, they will take offense to this.
To a Puerto Rican it is a piece of cake.
(Puerto Rican Woman) ΒΏQuiere bizcocho? (Want Cake?)
(Mexican Male) Β‘No, eso es desagradable! Β‘Manche a Puta! (No, that is nasty! Dirty Whore!)
(Puerto Rican Woman now speaking english) What? I offered you a piece of cake and that makes me a dirty whore?
(Mexican Male) No, you just offered me dirty pussy!
by Biggs and Cleo November 02, 2007
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