A teacher who is a bitch and doesn't get off your ass for anything. Also a giant cunt that not one student likes. And always looses my fucking work. Usually is a fat ass, but can also just be normal....but still a massive tuna choch.


John said,"Man, she sure is a bitchy teacher". "I know, I hate Sandy." replied another pissed off student from GUHS.
by Doug Bob November 30, 2007
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The hardest teachers in the whole world. In the end they will either hook you up with great opportunities or fuck you over like the bitches they are.
A teacher that gives 9028745972 assignments that are due the next day, is a Bitchy Teacher
by Rauna November 8, 2010
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These teachers are the type of teachers that purposely move you to the front because you are “talking to much” or “distracting others” or are just horrible in general or even sometimes, a waste of space in school.
Miss S was such a bitchy teacher today!!

Miss moved me to the front. She is such a bitchy teacher! Bitchy teachers: horrible people
by swag child :D June 13, 2021
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