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1 When one is exceedingly happy with his or her wares, one will define it as the bitchsnatch. This phrase is superior to all shit, snatch, or shtuff.
2 Also can be used to describe a lady's private area.
1 Man 1: These cookies are sure the bee's knees.
Man 2: No, son. These cookies are the bitchsnatch!
2 I got myself some fine bitchsnatch last night, dawg.
by Tanda September 05, 2005
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After Just Three Dates With Carol, Tim Realized He Had Been BitchSnatched.
by Sweet Golden Greek January 18, 2017
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When a competing male has some na'an you want for yourself, you will either make a move to barter for the female or will attempt to win her for the evening by cock blocking your opponent by utilizing various means of humiliation/shit talking.
"I brought some cheeseboigas over to my fiends house, he had some hoes i wanted so i bitchsnatched his na'an with my wendy's doublestacks"

"I had to bitchsnatch that scrub, he didn't deserve that na'an"
by bigstinkyN March 19, 2009
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