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A tornado made up of 3 or more bitches with a max of 50 bitches.
"Holy shit did your here about that bitchnado?"

"Ya, you never see them coming."
by Bitchnado June 22, 2014
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When everything is screwing up royally, none of the shit that is going wrong is your fault but you have to deal, and you are so fed up that the next motherfucker who tap dances on your LAST GODDAMN NERVE is about to have a holy Bitchnado of wrath unleashed upon them (possibly for a very minor infraction), you have become a human bitchnado that is about to touch down.
Red alert! You see the way that left eye is twitching You better seek cover or be extra nice right now because that bitchnado is about to touch down! Otherwise, she is gonna tear off your arm and beat you with it till you bleed out.
by Withead May 25, 2018
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