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when a slut kicks you when you are not looking in an unexpected place like the balls.
my whore bitch kicked me in my nuts when i wasnt looking.
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to side kick someone in the face ... its like a bitchslap ... but with the top side of your foot
Frostbite just BitchKicked that fool into stupid
by xxFrostbitexx November 05, 2012
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an slang way of telling some one you got kicked in the balls by some bitch

aka: a bitch kick
OH FUCK!!!! dude some whore just ran up and Bitch Kicked Zach. fucker droped like he was made of led!
by Alex johnson March 10, 2005
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adjective. used to describe a wild and out of control person whose actions are annoying and/or disturbing.
I asked the waitress for another fork and she got all bitchkicks on my ass.
by Joe Fedcamp October 02, 2006
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kicking an opponent because u cant win.. What draymond green does when he is being a sore loser
Draymond tried bitchkicking paul pierce for a loose ball..
by robert reaper February 26, 2017
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