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She's fake, starts drama, self conscious allways staring at everyone else, she tries to intimidate but is yet a coward never says anything to your face. Her personality is usually as fake as her look, along with the common died hair is fake gaudy looking nails, and her fake ass "tan" makes her look like a lobster, take a break you look scared or embarrassed all Damn day not Tan. Usually hard to distinguish which sags more her chin or her tits, get a good bra to hold the fatty tittitys up. This type of individual usually wears clothes that are to small or slutty to Reveiel cleavage that's unwanted to view, she usually talks shit about others to make her self feel better, and getting someone to join her white trash Bitchy ways usually makes her day. She usually a hypocrite for example posting about people who a racist all day long prob because she is racist her self and feels guilty she only dates black guys and she's white. Maybe it's all she can get. She usually thinks very highly for what she is prob went to a school for the mentally incapable not becuase she was dumb or lazy but incompetent. Her stomach usually looks like world war 5 wit scars that look like the map to north America, and she hasn't even had mixed baby's yet. This type of girl usually will stary college and brag but it gets the best if her when she can't complete it and drops out. She's just still the bitch as work that everyone wishes would have passed or finished to get out.
The bitch at work is a conceited but Dee down self conscious miserable nasty coward,
by the bitch at work May 23, 2014
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