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subgenre of hip hop that bloomed in the late 2000's thanks to artists such as souljaboy...its the decline of western society basically
ignorant poser: yo dawg dat new souljaboy song is ill man...yeah!!
me: *shoots poser in the face*...n00b...listen to some real stuff..not that bitch rap
by coulsinelvin4ever June 21, 2008
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the term used to describe someone who is Vietnamese and submissive. Generally used because Rap is a common name in 'Nam.
That foriegn exchange student is a bitchrap because he does whatever you tell him to.
by #1Stunna' November 02, 2007
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A rap song or verse performed by a female artist.
Person 1: Who does the bitch rap in Kanye's Monster?
Person 2: Nicki Minaj!
by GEODUDE December 16, 2012
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Hurricane Chris
Soulja Boy
50 Cent
Mike Jones
Paul Wall
Tony Yayo
Kevin Federline
Fred Durst
Vanilla Ice
Lil Jon
Lil Boosie
Yung Joc
Gucci Mane
David Banner
Yung Berg
Shawty Low

The list goes on...
I'm in the club hollain "A bay bay, this song sucks, a bay bay".

bitch rap
by Black_Spade July 15, 2008
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