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adj. slang; weak, feeble (Scottish dialect)
He went to speak, but stopped, knowing that his voice would come out biscuit-ersed, that the uncertainty would be threaded right through it.
by Existential Ghost November 06, 2009
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Scottish slang term meaning uncomfortable. Used all over the country but mostly heard on the east coast (in, for example, Edinburgh)
Think how uncomfortable you would feel and look if you were sitting on a chair after someone had put biscuit crumbs in your underpants. Thats where the term comes (or crumbs?) from.

I have shamed myself with that pun and i apologise unreservedly to my family, my friends and my future children who will now have to live with the shame, the ridicule, my thoughtless punning has wrought upon (a pun?) them. Oh no. No, not again. Please lord, HELP ME STOP THIS MADNESS!!!
After his inappropriate pun regarding pregnant nuns ("those currant buns, or pregnant nuns as i like to call them, are yummily tasty") while at a Catholic Nun Fan Club gathering, seamus looked biscuit ersed under the shocked, utterly horrified, stares of the devoted nun fans and vowed to never pun (or nun?) again.
by notpunny October 18, 2011
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