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An affectionate nickname for a good ole' chap or lass from Birmingham, England.
Oh, blimey, he's a Birmie!

You're not allowed to wear a Birmie-made cap like that unless you're a Birmie.

Of course I have a great and fashionable accent! I'm a Birmie.

Oh, really! My sister just married a Birmie.
by jesselsteele September 18, 2017
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A fashionable cap for men, but equally charming for women, also known as a "driving cap" or properly a flat cap or informally a cheese cutter. The "birmie" is a symbol of the hard-working class in England and has a rich, juicy heritage. But, ask any Limey and they might say it was invented in Birmingham, England and therefore should only be worn by a Birmie. (The Yanks disagree, of course.)
Oh, drat! I forgot my birmie.

I wouldn't be much of a chauffeur without a birmie, now would I?

I recently visited Italy and saw lots of birmies for sale, but they weren't from England, so I brought back a coffee pot that doesn't work instead.

Any good lad coming of age should have his own birmie.

It's a bold fashion statement, wearing a birmie is. Birmies are not for the faint of heart.
by jesselsteele October 18, 2017
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