The act of taking posession of another's claimed object, while knowing the ownership of the object.
It's like when you go after someone else's chick.
Bird-doggin' someone's ice-cream sandwich
Bird-doggin' someone's job.
by MOT May 20, 2003
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Intensely looking for some chicks; preferably in a convertible.
"Hey Tom, let's hop in the convertible and go bird-doggin' down by the beach.
by Brennan G May 8, 2007
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1) When a man takes it upon himself to pine after or pursue a female in such a way that may result in dating and or marriage.

Note: Late night Bird Doggin may be referred to as "Boon Doggin"
Hey Matt, I saw you Bird Doggin with that girl yesterday.
by jake d+matt h July 9, 2011
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The act of crossing the street, by foot, illegally (when that red hand says otherwise, or you simply aren't even at an intersection though one is only a few feet away). This forces you to to sprint at high speeds, forgetting about the friends you left on the other side, simply because you are fearing for your life. Generally causes regret mid-way, but turning back is not an option. Often times the phrase, "Let's bird-dog it!" Is yelled pre-crossing, or ,"I'm bird-doggin' it!" is yelled mid-run.
May also be called "j-walking".
"Dude, this light is taking forever, we're never gonna cross the street."
"There's a slight opening in traffic! Let's just start bird-doggin' it!"
by E56airbear November 10, 2011
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Like sand baggin but worse. When you unknowingly sand bag a person.
Bro, You've been Bird Doggin' me all night with these pans!
by Soap Sally June 18, 2014
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