A asian girl who has a big stomach and makes people mad with her huge NOSE
Wow look at her nose! She looks a Bing Bing
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“Bing bing” means hit you or hit you with a two piece
I’ll bing bing ur ass bro.
I’ll hit you with the bing bing
by XHLOO February 14, 2021
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(n.) A common Chinese name for girls; connotes the girl is of Chinese ethnicity; usually connotes cute/ angular/ regal beauty.
But the name Bing Bing is not as common as westerners think; not every girl is named Bing Bing, only actresses Fan Bing Bing and Li Bing Bing are named Bing Bing.
Btw Fanbingbing and Libingbing are 2 different persons.
"Hey, that Bing Bing over there is cute", "Shes not called Bing Bing."
Fan Bing Bing was prosecuted for alleged tax evasion.
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by Beastdisease December 08, 2018
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Expensive, flashy web tools and services intended to impress, but useless in practice.
Yo man! Check out this new bing-bing thinger!
by Xenophanes June 03, 2009
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