variation of the abe lincoln, except the pubes are more concetrated on the chin and a turban is used intead of a top hat
by clinger26 March 21, 2008
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Much like the well known Monkey face, which involves ejaculating on your partners face and throwing your cut pubic hair at them.
However the variation here is That you keep trimming your hair and storing it up for one big throw. Typically 3-4 months worth of trimmings for full effect
Named because of bin laden's enormous arab beard.
Paradym gave his lady friend a bin laden last night he's putting it on you tube ><
by Jimmycranky February 26, 2008
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Similar to the Abe Lincoln but in this case you launch a handful of freshly trimmed pubes at her face after blowing a nice load around her mouth.
I gave her a Bin Laden in the airplane restroom and everyone freaked the fuck out!
by facializer August 21, 2008
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