A person they show everytime a Yankees game is on television. He may have done something funny at one point, but that was too long ago, or too mediocre for me to remember.
It wouldn't be a Yankees game if we didn't get a shot of Billy Crystal sitting in a luxury box.
by Tourists... April 8, 2005
adj: Describes someone who struts around town like he owns the place; Someone who thinks they're the cock-of-the-walk.
"Get a load of this Billy Crystal that just walked into the room...he'll probably ignore us all."
by Joofish March 2, 2008
Yo, anybody know where I can find Billy Crystal?
by bamerdope January 18, 2014
A person that always lets you know that they're jewish no matter the topic of the conversation. Normally a dried up, puffy faced, old jew with
purple blotches on their heads that worships money, gold and jewelry. They also believe they are the 'chosen ones'.
Geez, there isn't a day that goes by that this guy doesn't mention he's a jew, or gives a jewish expression 'oy vey, chutzpah', something to remind you on a daily basis that he is jewish. Damn, I gotta listen to this shit everyday. He's a typical Billy Crystal Jew.
by Mikey Boyer September 30, 2013
A holiday that's origins begin in Leverett MA around 2007 AD. The day celebrates the life of the one and only, Billy Crystal. The people celebrating usually take mushrooms or acid. Scholars maintain that it falls somewhere in the first two weeks of July.
I wish Billy Crystal Day was every day of the year.
by richard gear April 27, 2009
A renaming of the sexual term 69. Used so others do not know that you are talking about anything remotely sexual.
Me an my girlfriend totally did the billy crystal experience.
by David Blaze October 2, 2006
Black sweatpants that are too short and have a tight elastic band on the bottom of the leg.

Guys usually wear them when they don't give a fuck.

Child molesters wear them while they walk around the city.
God, I wish Brian would stop wearing those Billy Crystal pants when we go out, he looks ridiculous.
by a_dev April 7, 2009