Any cyclist who blatantly disregards the safety of nearby pedestrians.
The fraking biketard barely missed us on the sidewalk! I hope we didn't interrupt him while he was texting.
by justlikefrank August 11, 2009
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individual defined by wearing excessively tight designer jeans, hooded sweatshirt (usually black) puma style sneakers. Usually seen riding and expensive fixed gear bicycle such as a nagasawa, san rensho, bianchi pista which has been outfitted with Phil Wood hubs, and Velocity rims of various colors. These posers give cycling and bike messengers a bad name.
It looks like the biketards are having a meeting today at ritual coffee roasters
by the urban hunter June 11, 2006
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A person who is excessively into the biking lifestyle, and talks nonstop about bikes and biking accessories, even at inappropriate times.
Larry is such a biketard. I wasn't even talking about bikes.
by SpringBreak4Life December 24, 2018
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