BigA - having a rather large penis which is usefull for getting really hot chicks to marry you.
by BigBoy June 11, 2004
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Damn that girl is such a biga shes got built in air bags.
by Kiexeo February 6, 2013
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Young 20 year old French reggae singer , made famous by lootayard , he's music label.
-Dude have you listen to Biga ranx's new tune ?
-nah not yet...
-What are you waiting for ?! Its tha bomb !
by aliopre March 6, 2011
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A girl or boy that is a member of the biga bois squad. Enjoys drawing dicks on other peoples papers for a short joke or laugh. Disrespects authority but still does well in school. Once and biga boi always a biga boi.
He is a biga boi.
by Biiiioiiiiiii March 31, 2015
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A Biga-tron is basically another name for a bong, pipe with bottle/ ornamental
by pandaburger April 14, 2010
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