To reply-all to an email conversation. The opposite of little-r.
If you want everyone in the email thread to see your reply, you should big-r.
by nickab February 8, 2010
Annoying price of shit that is terrible at all sports
Big R is terrible at sports
by Bigtimmy69 July 19, 2020
Someone or thing who is really big, but at the same time an lanky fuck
Fuck sake, he is Big R than all of us
by Gball435 February 10, 2010
Big R describes someone as a Big "Retard" usually a normie fuck who uses memes to fuel conversations
"Hey, look at that kid saying 1+1 is 2, quick math. What a Big R aka Big RETARD"
by Heinexus January 20, 2018
The one nigger who everyone know. he get all the real ones
that the guy look over there it big R
by master chief the real nigger September 23, 2019
a joke... and humour in the form of clothing and Design. Inspired from Lil Dicky mixing his love for music and humour into one separate and unique creation.
I love Big Dickies(R).... wow pause
by Big Dickies(R) November 21, 2021