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A big q is an oblonged shaped vaginal cavity, one that usually takes sudden curves.
That girl had such a big q!
by Tony Weed August 27, 2006
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1. (v) When a black man or man of African descent takes a massive shit while giving, receiving, and witnessing a rimjob.

2. (n) Euphemism for Really big 'rhoids.
1. Yeah, those faggots did the Big Q last night.

2. Man, that guy has the Big Q.
by LOL, Internet August 27, 2006
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Nickname describing a rather ogre-like man with pale skin named Quinton. Brother of Tyrone
Hey Tyrone, how's Big Q doing?
Is Big Q doing well at the New Castle School of Trades?
by Butch November 22, 2003
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