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A H-Town rapper and a giant of a man. Big Po’ has been featured on tracks with rappers such as Paul Wall, Lil Keke, Mike Jones, etc. His lyrics are gangsta and reflect the laid back style we’ve come to know from Texas. When Big Pokey spits lyrics, his voice sounds Deep, Fat, and Out of Breath. He brings a real sense of the streets to any song he’s on.
“Bunch of hoes, Bunch of money, Bunch of clothes
Glidin’ like an ice skater
Motor like a SNOT NOSE!!!”

“My cake stack like a brick wall
Roof push back when the seats crawl
Chip in the motor

“Door slammer
Rimmed up
Driveway decorated
4 hammer stash spots
Everywhere Niggaz Hatin’
Off the gut
Raise it Up
Afghan blaze it up!!!”
by SoOldSchool July 01, 2005
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