Arms that are not small, that show intricate veinage, that can lift heavy people.
"People with big arms can lift people large AND small."
by Able Apples August 20, 2006
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A big arm test is a visual check of the diameter of a girls arms to determine if she will blow up in the future. If a girl has large arms but a small body while young, chances are she will become fat in the long haul.
person 1 - "damn, look at that girl on the beach, i'd marry her!"

person 2 -"nah dude, she fails the big arm test, shes gonna blow up like a blimp"
by Team Este June 10, 2010
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a large terd, also known as a piece of poop.
Just leave a big baby arm across the desk. then finger paint. "welcome to the best seat in the house. Bitch"
by dragondragon111 June 22, 2011
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