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some people thing big yeet means big fucking mood
but it's actually when you can relate to something extremely but you also hate it.
+im so fucking tired rn
-big yeet

+im so hungry but i dont want to get up but i have to cos ive been in this same spot for three days binge watching the 100
-big yeet
by notrichardharmon August 20, 2018
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"Big Yeet" - a combination of 'big mood' and 'yeet' to express the biggest, fattest fucking mood ever. A big yeet is the ultimate form of a big mood
FRIEND: I want to fucking die
Me: Big Yeet bro I feel u
by bantur May 06, 2018
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Major mood but is fake hated/or makes one feel attacked, but is still a major mood.
Person: "I want to just curl up and eat burgers till I die"
Me: "oh my gosh, true. Big yeet"
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by BunBeans October 05, 2018
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