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A code word for business but pertains to illegal trade of drugs. Bidnit can really refer to anything that a person does to make money.
Tryone: What kind of bidnit you got playa.

Big P: I got whatever you need fool.
by TBurns November 12, 2007
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n. slang for "business". Usually spoken quickly as in "nun ye bidnit" (None of your business).
Why do you want to know? Ain't nun ye bidnit.
by tekuryuu September 12, 2010
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Bidnit is a hood spin-off of the word business, usually for drug deals or other illegal money transactions.
Ayyoooo.. Watcha doin tonight kid? Im chillin the cut.. so I mean if you wanna come over n do whateva, it's coo.

Naww son.. I can't, I got some Bidnit tonight.
by Tha216Soulja December 31, 2006
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