3 definitions by steve cox

A way of calling a girl a bitch without her knowing what you're saying. This word was coined in Clinton, IA at least as early as the 1990's.
Shut up bidnite!
by steve cox July 11, 2008
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Someone who is procrastinating or generally being inefficient in some effort.
Man, hurry up; we were supposed to be there a half hour ago. You're peeing on the wheels of progress.
by steve cox February 17, 2008
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Someone from Clinton, Iowa -- a small city in eastern Iowa known for being extremely "ghetto," dirty, smelly and -- until a couple years ago -- dangerous, especially compared with the rest of Iowa. One of two places in Iowa with black people. Once had a crime rate on par with Detroit.
I'm a Clintonian, and you wish you could say that.
by steve cox February 16, 2008
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