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Bethpage is basically a shitty town with stoners in every grade from 8-12. We pretty much have a 13th grade known as Nassau Community College. #fuckplainedge is probably the most commonly used hashtag on any social network, even though we all secretly get drunk and high with Plainedge kids behind Harmon.

Kids from bethpage hang out with Levittown, Island Trees, and Plainedge. Its sucks living in Bethpage, especially during football/cheer season. If you dont play football or cheer, you arent popular.

Majority of the kids only come to school twice a week and all smoke on Floral ave. Weve had 4 arrests this year, all weed related. The girls in bethpage are all whores. They get wasted, have sex, and then wonder how they got pregnant. State at fucking eight. saturday nights at 8 during the school year. if you dont plan on getting really drunk; dont go.

Bethpage is downright the shittiest town in the United States. Everyone says how much they hate bethpage, yet we all secretly could never live anywhere else.
"are you going to state?"
"obviously! i am from bethpage!"
by a bethpagian October 13, 2013
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Bethpage is a town in Long Island. Bethpage is within the Town of Oyster Bay with its own school district. The zip code for most of the hamlet is 11714, though the most northeastern part of Bethpage is in the Old Bethpage postal district of 11804. We also have the best drinking water. XP

We also happen to have one of the best HS football teams on Long Island. Not that I care enough to follow any type of football, but that's what everyone else used to brag when I attended school. :p
My locations for most message boards are Bethpage, Long Island, NY.
by Jennifer Strong March 13, 2007
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Bethpage is a small suburban town in central Long Island which is the home to quite possibly the greatest pong players in the United States. This is due to the fact that they play almost every weekend due in large part to one of the illest men alive, some would consider him a god among men. He is the party King and self-Proclaimed King of Pong...JBlack.
Person 1-Yo you goin to the party this weekend?
Person 2-JBlacks again tonight?
Person 1-What would Bethpage be without him.
by Ricky Bobby III January 22, 2007
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