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Acting silly or goofy. Speaking nonsense and making no real point.
Wow, i am so betarded. I'm not making any sense.
by T-Man November 02, 2004
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(noun) A person exhibiting the qualities that constitute being call retarded even though they are not physically or mentally retarded or handicap. The act of "Being Retarding".
My (son, daughter, wife husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, boss ect;) is acting betarded again.

Are you betarded?!?!

Quit acting betarded, your giving retarded people a bad name.

Can be used in the verb form as: betard

You are such a betard.

Yeah, he's a betard...god love him.
by Fuzzy Winkerbean September 07, 2010
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The act of being both bizarre and retarded. A strange and unusual yet stupid individual.
"You lost the car?" You asked the drunk guy for directions to it?" That is both retarded and bizarre! You, my friend, are, betarded!
by Freakmeon April 12, 2008
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1. (adjective) (To be 'betarded')
When a child, (typically Asian), is disappointed with a B grade or higher in an officially sat examination.

2. (verb) (To 'betard'.)
To have 'retardedness' bestowed upon oneself or someone else.
A: "You got a B!? You are a disappointment! You have dishonoured this family!"
B: "Jeez, mom. Quit being so betarded!"

A: "We have our final exam tomorrow, and I haven't revised."
B: "Okay, chill, let's betard everyone else by reading them Trump quotes, so our results don't look as bad."
by DatBoiAJ October 23, 2016
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