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Picking through food that is mixed to get what you want.
Kid: Mmm...those nuts are good in the trail mix I'll get a bunch
Mom: Stop berry picking and get a handful!
by Jack Jacky Jackson August 15, 2009
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When you shit and you squeeze so hard that you become tired and therefore have to remove the remaining shit with your hands like you're berry picking. When you're done you take a good view, smell your art and post a pic on instagram.
Jeff:"dude you wann go shoot some hoops?

Framp:"nah man today i went berry picking and im exhausted"
by gabzi99 May 05, 2015
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When an older man prays on a younger woemn, usually a younger teenager. The young woman most likely has small breats, is relatively innocent looking, and is almost always a virgin.
Old Man 1: "So I went Berry Picking last night.
Old Man 2: "How'd it go?"
Old Man 1: "She was 14, and damn were those berries good!"
by Danger Crawford July 22, 2008
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