Verb. To chill in the crib with the light on while on "Benzodiazepine". Compound word, original root. Lampin' ,verb; "to chill in the crib with the light on.

Originally coined by Jokestore 2.0
"OI its Prawn! What are you f*cking c*nts doing?", said Prane "Aint sh*t, benzo' lampin' watching UFC" replied Keyboard_Face
by zulah_de_bat July 8, 2010
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A group of gorgeous and dope ass females that are named after superheros.
girl 1: Hey I love that Benzo Gang.
girl 2: yeah me too. they're really dope
by Benzo Batmann October 10, 2011
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A deep sleep induced by taking lots of drugs, specifically benzodiazepines.
Man, Charlie took so many benzos at the party last weekend he had the longest benzo nap.
by Kekekinks July 14, 2017
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excentric tech billionaire known for boofing money and xanax up his giant ass
if Jeffery Benzos put all his money up his ass he would need a really big ass
by Ikonakore January 11, 2022
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A raw ass guy, gets hella bitches, loves money, always on some chill shit.
He's a Benzo!
by 8Benzo December 12, 2021
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Artist from Montreal, Canada also known as celuiquisautetameuf
by Celuiquisautetameuf November 23, 2021
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An individual who’s heavily reliant on benzodiazepines
“Yeah he’s just a benzo bitch don’t pay him any attention.”
by The cent November 30, 2021
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