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b-eh-n wah/ben wah n: Small spheres that one can insert into their vagina or rectum. Usually made of metal coated in silicone, they are heavy, and when they bump together, cause pleasureable vibrations. Vaginal ben-wa balls can be used to strengthen the PC muscle, while anal ben-wa balls are connected on cords and pulled out one-by-one right before orgasam to increase pleasure.
He had never thought of letting Sharon use her ben-wa balls on him, but as he orgasamed from the pressue on his prostate, he realized he loved every minute of it

I started using ben-wa balls in order to strenghten my PC muscle, and now my boyfriend says I feel a lot tighter.
by teh Ninj4 February 02, 2005
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A small sophmore beast who works at Ikono's. you can often see him following around a lucas. Also a benwa drives a small bmw with a small asian inside
Im almost as beast as benwa. look at benwa driving that gook
by Gignig23 March 10, 2011
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