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Someone who is very funny and usually likes to prank call or do so/related things usually is tall and hot and is VERY good at sports. He is usually fun to hang around with and is attractive due to his skillful beat making skills
Man I love belmin

Have you ever heard that diss? It sounded BELMIN NIGGA AY AT AY GIT GIT AY GRAA BABY
by Ninja101 look kid July 02, 2017
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A bosnian name which means "of goats" or more commonly "goat boy". It is typically given to sons of shepherds or men in other goat related professions such as makers of goat cheese.
What's the name of that boy living in the shack on the other side of the road?

Pretty sure it's Belmin, his dad makes goat cheese.
by PakuMahid September 17, 2018
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