Belkin is a company that offer substandard goods. Because of what they offer, the name has turned into a verb and is used in everyday common chat.
If you were to buy a Belkin product, you must of shopped in PC World or something worse. Equally you could of walked into your local park, open the dog sh*t bin and take home a pc of crap to put next to your computer.
"Hey look at this really rubbish thing" Said tim
"Yea, its belkin isn't it?" Said mat
by FReDw April 9, 2006
Repeatedly running back and forth between a computer and a faulty wireless router, in order to fix said router multiple times. Also known as the TP-Link Tango
I really need a new wirless router, I was doing the Belkin Shuffle all last night.
by Natonator February 23, 2011
To serreptitiously alter a product in such a fashion that legitimate use is hijacked to the benefit of the manufacturer or associated beneficiaries, usually in a crass self-promoting fashion.
"I installed this topdesk thing which totally belkined my browser."
by Bob Doe November 7, 2003