an internet meme of a disabled person trying to say breakfast
what is going on here bekfast
by hhhoeee December 22, 2017
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A way of saying "breakfast" in a humorous way based on a vine. Contrary to popular belief, the person in the vine has downs syndrome, rather than autism.
Person 1: Let's get some breakfast
Person 2: You mean bekfast? Hahaha ha
Person 1: Fuck off
by eat_my_shit August 12, 2018
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To be bek worthy; a person place or thing that exhibits or personifies traits of spice and undertones of mice.
Ex : “Ugh I am so hungover, jimmy toss me my bekfast beer.” Ex 2 : “Slug told me he ate that girls asshole for Bekfast.”
by Tjaxel October 28, 2020
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a word you yell at random times in a history lecture. Yell it really loud
by Eatmoosemilk March 15, 2019
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A meme created in 2015 in which an autistic kid pronounces the word "breakfast" as "bekfast."
Griffin: "What's going on here??!!"
Kelly: "BEKFAST!"
by GriffinMascja June 20, 2017
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