The absolute best. From the English phrase the "B's 'n E's" meaning the "be all end all."
These fish 'n chips are the Bee's Knees.
by NasserInASaucer February 15, 2009
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An expression from the 20s meaning an extraordinary person, thing, idea; the ultimate.
You're such a wonderful person! You really are the bee's knees.
by shasha_bee August 19, 2010
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1. The best/really good
2. Another way of saying business. (it kinda rhymes)
1. Hey, how was that beef jerkey? It was the bee's knees.
2. Wuz crackin' Gs? And how is the bee's knees?
by MikeVonDike February 11, 2009
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this sexual act requires one jar of honey. the woman is to drop to her knees and pour the jar of honey on her breasts and chest area. the man then tit-fucks the woman to get as much honey on his penis as he desires. once satisfied with the amount of honey on his shlong, he then jabs his erect penis into the womans body like a stinger, creating bee sting-like marks on the womans skin
"where were you last night man?"
"damn. i gave stacy the bees knees."
"that shit leaves you sticky for weeks."
by stickypants69 October 10, 2011
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When You get so high that you feel youre knees vibrating like bees, and your legs tremble on their own.
Dayummmm son, I got "The Bee's Knees"
by ganje kinge March 26, 2009
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an excellent dessert, originating on September 22nd, 2008 consisting of a grahmn cracker shmeared with peanut butter, toppoed with a layer of pudding with a pretzel and chocolate chips. The fuckin bees knees
holy shit phil, this stuff is the bees knees!

by Calvin Chertits September 22, 2008
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