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1. when you buy beer and you expect to have that beer in the fridge and it is gone
2. when you are at an establishment that sells beer, and they are out of the beer that you want or do not have decent beer
3. when a co-worker takes beer that is meant for you to sample
One of the beer reps dropped off some samples for me to try and a co-worker took off with them. I am so beerritated.
by lilmisscranky June 18, 2009
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The kind of irritation that one gets only after drinking beer, whether its hostility or internal, like the stomach or colon
Man, toward the end of the night, I was getting so fucking beerritated with Ernie. He can be such a tool.
Natural Light makes my stomach beerritated, can't drink that stuff.
by sheepyone December 31, 2008
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