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noun- a person, male or female, who becomes a slut when drunk

adjective- describing an act that would be preformed by someone who was termed a beercunt
noun - "Man, she's a nice girl usually but at parties she's such a beercunt."

adjective - "Don't get drunk at this party, last time you made out with five different guys and it was a really beercunt thing to do."
by russian_turk March 04, 2009
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When a woman can no longer view her groin/vagina area because her stomach blocks the view - female version of a beer belly on a man.
She had become so fat from drinking booze - usually beer because that was the cheapest - that she acquired a beercunt, and could no longer see her groin without looking in the mirror
by Dr. Zaius Jr. July 17, 2012
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