The tall, skinny Oscar-Meyer-esque Muppet in the Muppet show.
Scientific associate of the short green dude with glasses, this Muppet only utters the words "mee mee mee mee mee mee!!", and usually has bad stuff happen to him. A South Park's Kenny predecessor if you will.
After many years spent studying the subject, govermental officials located in a secret subterranean base in Antarctica have decoded just what the hell Beeker was saying.
Although rough, the message from each "mee" came out something like:
"Your souls are mine! I will swallow them whole for sustenance and feast on your siblings afterwards."
Mind you this is extremely rough, and more research is being poured into this utterance of Beeker.
Despite Beeker's psychological shortcomings, we all love him very much still.
"Beeker consumed Kenny the other day."
"That bastard!"
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A music producer of moderate fame who is shamelessly plugging his music.
You hear that douche Beeker actually tried to promote himself on FAG!
by Chuckus August 11, 2010
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