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A labia so large that it hangs like window drapery.
I finally got Suzie in the sack, her beefcurtians were so big they were like a big pink taco.
by devestment October 10, 2009
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a slanderizing of female genetillia referring to the curtian like appearance of the labia (majora). the "beef" comes from the flesyness of the vagina, meat is also used as a casual refrence to male genetillia "beat your meat".
"the beef curtians opened, she was ready to start the show."
by brian March 14, 2004
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Flaps not of the freshest kind. Also Too much cheese on the tacco
you better step if you think im chubachaing those beef curtains
by luke January 05, 2004
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Beefcurtian: Slang word for Vagina. The Lips of a vagina resembles the "beef" part. And the "curtians" part of the word is where you pull the vagina lips apart. So then thats where you get "beefcurtian"
Johnny pulled Sallys beefcurtian apart and licked it all night.
by crazyideas March 17, 2009
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