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a chummy title, used in jest towards cronies, specifically referring to fecal matter expelled onto the under-garments.
Care for a round of croquet, beef-stains?
by dorham May 16, 2006
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A Beef Stain is when you fart so hard and hot that your balls begin to sweat.
I got a beef stain after waiting for the bus for 30 minutes in the sun.
by BlkIrishMan August 10, 2015
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(i)A beef stain is classed as the mess that is left from a beef in da hood. Such as someone getting clapped, or a bust-up.

(ii)If a homie gets clapped by a rival gang, then the homie's crew has beef stain with the rival gang.
(i)"Even if ur grandma violates then click clack goes ma gatt leaving some messed up beef stain."

(ii)"We're going need to get rid of this beef stain, and go and clap all those blood niggaz"
by Big Gunz May 03, 2006
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