a city too small to have public transport, clubs, or real bars, but too big be able to walk across without fatigue. mainly suburban preppy families intent on getting thier kids into college. lots of military parents. Dayton is nearby, but the crime rate is so high the population just decided to up and out. near were the river of fire toxic waste spill happened in the 1990's.
boy: moving to Beavercreek?
girl: yeah....
boy:better get into boarding school.
by BHS sleeper May 1, 2011
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small city east Dayton, Ohio, wellknown of attractive girls, wealthy parents who buy luxury cars for their kids, most of Beavercreek people go to Wright State University because they scared to live outside Beavercreek, it lacks in diversity it makes up in snobby people who claim to be open-minded, they originally farmers , they don’t accept anybody to live there.
by OHIO4ever January 2, 2013
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A high school located in Beavercreek, Ohio; a suburban area near Dayton, Ohio. Known for well-off/rich kids, women's basketball, and a state-ranked marching band that outshines their football team with a losing record. Terrible administrators, but lots of amazing teachers! Lots of talented drama kids who later become career actors.

Go Battlin' Beavers!

-Chicken nugget day!
-"I heard Beavercreek High School has a lot of rich kids."
-"Beat Centerville."
-"Beat Carroll."
-"Beavercreek High School. I can not wait to graduate."
by elizabethjj10987 January 6, 2013
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Beavercreek, Oregon. It's so small it's not even considered a town it's a "Hamlet" it's not the hood it's the wood, meaning that the trees out number the people hell the horses out number the people! A lot of Hardworking blue collar country folk claim this as their stomping grounds, dont be surprised to see lifted rigs, lifted cars, old school muscle cars, to tractors and dirtbikes moving down the main roads, Beavercreek is it's own little world that will never be changed.

The population is:
10% old people

10% tweakers
2% black
2% Mexican
.5% Asian

25% Caucasian

.5% Oregon City Losers

Other names for Beavercreek

The 632
The Hamlet

B Creek
Guy 1: where are all the best riders and hottest girls at round here?
Guy 2: Beavercreek!
Guy 1: the 632?
Guy 2: you bet your ass there in the hamlet
by WHYTBOOY November 19, 2016
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